Exhibits on view at ‘Bram Stoker’s Hall of Fame’ in CASTLE DRACULA

View the exhibits at Castle Dracula and Walk through Bram Stoker’s incredible Life

1.  Bram’s Father Abraham & Mother Charlotte (Stories & Photos)

2. Three Iconic Dracula’s, Klaus Kinski 1979, Bella Lugosi 1931, Christopher Lee 1958

3. The Stoker Family & No. 15 the Cresent, where Bram was born. (Accross the road from Castle Dracula)

4. Bram’s First Picture Age 7, (he was bed bound for the first 7 Years of his Life due to a mysterious Illness)

5. Picture & History of the open Tombs of St Mitchans where Bram’s Parents are buried in Dublin.

6. Bram’s Trinity College Days with History, Trophies & Awards.

7. Posters of all the very best Old Dracula Movies…. See how many you know?

8. Bram’s love of the Theatre History & how he became a Theatre Critic while working in Dublin Castle.

9. Lock of Bram Stoker’s Hair hanging in a Gold Pendant, cut on Bram’s Deathbed by his Wife Florence & handed down through the Stoker Generations, until it was donated to Castle Dracula. Bram’s Lock of Hair is not on display anywhere else in the World. It does not get any more Macabre than that!

10. Posters of all the best contemporary Dracula Movies…. Do you recognise all of them?

11. Painting of Florence (Bram’s Wife) painted by Oscar Wilde who was courting and very much in Love with Florence before he was jilted for Bram

12. Other Books & Plays by Bram Stoker

13. The Story of Bram joining the Lyceum Theatre in London for Actor Henry Irving.

14. Bram’s Marriage to Florence

15. Florence & Noel (Bram’s only Child) Pictured

16. Bram’s Special Friendship with American writer Walt Whitman, Arthur Conan Doyle (Writer of Sherlock Homes), George Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain & others. Also Englands’s Leaders of the day Gladstone & Churchill.

17. Bram’s Bronze Medal for Jumping into the Thames to save a pour soul from Drowning.

18. Original Copy of the Dracula Manuscript

19. Giant Picture of Bram Stoker

20. Bram’s Death Certificate & Final resting place… or is it.