Bram Stoker's CASTLE DRACULA, Dublin.

Ireland's most Exciting Tour & Show in Dublin's most Unique Tourist Attraction!


Celebrating Ireland's most famous writer Bram Stoker & his Masterpiece, DRACULA!!  

        Bram Stoker's CASTLE DRACULA

      Ireland's Most Exciting Tour & Show in Dublin's most Unique Tourist Attraction!

Castle Dracula celebrates one of Ireland's most famous writers Bram Stoker and his masterpiece DRACULA…  Travel back in time to CASTLE DRACULA to meet the Characters from Dracula....  Take an Amazing Journey through CASTLE DRACULA's Tunnels, over Spinning Bridges to the Gargoyle Courtyard, up to the Dracula's Private Library and of course down to the WORLD'S ONLY GRAVEYARD THEATRE for our Incredible Castle Dracula Show  (Minumum Age 14 YearsStrobe lighting is used in the Castle and please let us know if you have any mobility problems.)

Enjoy our fantastic interactive experience with each Dracula Character taking you through the history of Dracula's origins and influences from the Great Famine to the Cholera Epidemics and it's Irish Writer Bram Stoker's origins.  Bram Stoker was born accross the road from Castle Dracula, we explore his mystery childhood illness, writing influences and Oscar Wilde connection.  We also exhibit memorabilia from Dracula and Bram Stoker, Stories, Pictures, Posters, Death Certificate and even a lock of Bram Stoker's hair cut on this death bed by his wife Florence...  Bram Stoker has been dead for over 100 years, on his death bed, his wife Florence cut a lock of his hair and it was handed down the Stoker Generations, until they very kindly donated to us.  It now hangs in a Gold Pendent on display in Castle Dracula, home of the World’s Only Graveyard Theatre…   putting you right inside the mind of the man who gave us the World's Greatest Horror Character.        Easily accessible by Bike, Bus, Taxi, Train...  or Hearse! 

Don't Miss this Unique Irish Experience!! 

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Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker was born just across the road from Castle Dracula in number 15 the Crescent, Clontarf.  Number 1 was where Florence was born, she later became Bram's Wife.  Bram spent the first 7 years of his life bedbound with a mystery illness, only walking at the age of 7.  He would listen to Stories about the deadly Famine in Ireland which happened while he was a baby and killed more that one million people and the great cholora epedimic his mum Charlotte lived through and the Sucide Graveyard just down the road from his house...  Learn about all these and how they shapped the man who gave us the world's greatest horror character.   

Strobe lighting is used in the Castle and please let us know if you have any mobility problems, not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or with Heart conditions.  Mininum Age 14 Years

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If there is one thing you do before you Die,
Visit Bram Stoker's CASTLE DRACULA

Tickets are €25 or €20 for Student Concessions.

Castle Dracula runs on Saturday's from 7.00pm to 9.00pm (Arrive by 6.45pm)



Castle Dracula is very easy to get to.  We are behind Westwood Club (We meet the audience in Westwood Club Reception) next to the Clontarf Dart Train Station (1 Dart Train Stop from Town) or 10 Minutes from Town in a Taxi, also, the 130 Bus leaves from Abbey St and stops at the Venue or off course by Hearse....





What our customer say about us

Dublin Lord Mayor Christiy Burke "Castle Dracula is a unique and extraordinary Evening of Fun and Thrills, that also celebrates one of Dublin's favourite sons Bram Stoker and his masterpiece Dracula.  I really enjoyed my visit and would recommend a visit to Castle Dracula to everyone". 

Jourg Steegmueller, Publisher of the “Dublin Event Guide” – “I had sooooo much fun! It is really a great evening and you should definitely go to see their show. Astonishing Magic, a lot of fun and a nice measure of spookiness are the ingredients that make this hugely entertaining show worth a visit.

Aonghus McAnally - RTE "Superb, Well Done..."