Castle Dracula. Attraction Details


Castle Dracula is Dublin’s most Exciting, Fun and Unique Attraction!

Celebrating Irish Writer Bram Stoker & his Masterpiece DRACULA!  Guests travel back in time with Characters from Dracula coming alive to explore the Origins of Dracula an it’s Mysterious Irish Writer Bram Stoker, who was born beside Castle Dracula.

Visitors journey through the Castle Tunnels, over Bridges to Lucy’s Courtyard, up to Dracula’s Layer and down to the Castle Theatre for a Show, while visiting the Bram Stoker Hall of Fame, where Bram’s incredible Life is laid out through Letters, Pictures, Stories, Sketches, Posters and even a lock of Bram’s Hair…  Putting you right inside the Mind of the man who created the World’s Most Famous Character!!  Don’t miss this Unique Irish Experience!!!  (Minimum Age 14yrs!)  You can see more info and Pictures at

Strobe lighting and Smoke effects are used in the Castle, we do not recommend Castle Dracula for Pregnant women, those with heart conditions or a fear of Fun, please let us know if Guests have any mobility problems.