Dracula Story Outline and Characters

‘CASTLE DRACULA DUBLIN’ – Dracula Story Outline and Characters
Dracula was written in 1897 by Local Writer Bram Stoker. Bram was born across the road from Castle Dracula in Number 15 the Cresent, Clontarf. His Wife Florence was born in Number 1 the Cresent, Love didn’t have to travel far for Florence and Bram, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing as you will find out in Castle Dracula….

Brief Dracula Story Outline and Characters:

Count Dracula: The Count lives in Castle Dracula, but has plans to move to London and pursue ‘Mina’ the Wife of Jonathon Harker. The Count is keeping Jonathon Harker a prisoner in his Castle.

Renfield: Poor Mad Renfield is tortured by Dracula into doing his bidding. Renfield believes that if he eats living things, spiders, birds etc, he will gain their Life Force and become stronger. Renfield was locked up in the Lunatic Asylum by Dr Jack Stuart. Renfield is Lucid and believes he is completely sane….

Lucy: Lucy is Dracula’s First Victim in London, She is very Elegant and Beautiful and three of the main Characters in Dracula have asked for her hand in Marriage, Arthur, Dr Jack Stuart and Quincy Morris. As Dracula visits her each Night and Drinks her blood, despite blood transfusions each day from her Friends and would-be Lovers, she is growing Darker and Darker, as she becomes a Vampire and her lust for Blood begins. And then she is lost to the Vampire World Forever…

Professor Van Helsing is brought in to find the reason for Lucy’s Blood Loss and then as the Story unfolds he, Arthur, Dr Jack Stuart and Quincy Moris hunt for Dracula in a desperate race against time as Dracula tries to return to the safety of his Castle Dracula…

Dracula is the Classic Good Versus Evil Story…. Pending on your point of view.

The Story of Dracula has inspired over 1000 Moves and has never been out of Print. It has spawned a Generation of TV Vampires and set the rules and blueprint for the whole Vampire genre. Although the Story and been told and retold with a new Dracula Movie every few Years…. No Movie is as interesting and complex, as it’s Irish Writers Life.  Come find out more in the Worlds only Bram Stoker Museum at Castle Dracula Dublin.

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